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The Twingo a revolutionary city car
CSP Webmaster         Source: Group Renault

As soon as it was presented at the Paris Motor Show, Twingo caused a sensation. With its frog face, its design that dares to mix minivan and city car, it surprises, then seduces.

A contraction between the words Twist, Swing and Tango, Twingo is aimed at a young target that quickly falls for its charm.

Safrane, replacing the Renault 25, was Renault’s high-end model through to the end of production in 2000.

Birth of the cult R5

Intended for a young and feminine public, this city car with rounded lines, with its short hood and especially its 3 doors will upset habits. Inside, flashy colours and square dials impose a new style, resolutely seventies. From the first year, the R5 won over 5% of the French automotive market, then positioned itself 3 years later as European market leader. For more than 10 years it remained at the head of sales of small cars in France. In the end, more than 5,325,000 units were sold worldwide. Today, the R5 still holds a prominent place in the pantheon of iconic vehicles of the second half of the 20th century, alongside the 2CV, the Coccinelle and the DS...

The Renault 16 breaks with the times

Launched in January 1965, the R16 is the first compact sedan with hatchback on the market, a complete break with its time. At first criticized for its too great originality, it ends up benefiting from an exceptional word of mouth. Halfway between the station wagon and the sedan, it wants to "show the way to progress", as advertising says... So much so that its atypical silhouette is quickly imitated by its competitors.

Renault launches the Renault 4, a true cultural phenomenon

The Renault 4L, the first “car for living”, was the product of a brilliant idea: to create a versatile car able to go practically anywhere and prove useful in all circumstances. Unveiled in 1961, the five-door model featured a tailgate that opened to reveal a modular space in which the rear bench could be folded down to transform the car into a van. Brilliant! The Renault 4 would be produced in over 8 million units and exported to over 100 countries before its career came to an end on December 21, 1994.

Renault Crédit International becomes a bank

RCI Bank and Services provides individuals financing offers and services adapted to their projects and uses to enrich their car mobility experience. There are also different mobility solutions for professionals.

Renault Espace, the first minivan in history

Since its presentation to the press in 1984, Espace has aroused enthusiasm. And yet it was not won. Such a spacious and modular vehicle was unprecedented at the time. With 5 fully flexible rear seats that can turn and create a "lounge" space, Espace surprises... and seduces.

Launch of the Estafette

Renault launched the Estafette, its first front-wheel-drive vehicle, in 1959. Half of the vehicles produced were exported, primarily to the USA

Renault Vintage Heritage

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