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Groupe Renault launches, in partnership with JAM, « Watt » its chatbot dedicated to the future of the mobility
CSP Webmaster         Source: Group Renault
That's what the Renault Group's WATT chatbot offers.

Immerse yourself in an online conversation about the future of mobility, interact directly, have fun while learning: that's what the Renault Group's WATT chatbot offers.

With WATT, Groupe Renault is experimenting with a new way to tell its story, to spark conversation, enhance relationships and listen to the online target market. That market has its eye on the future and an interest in new forms of mobility that are connected, shared, autonomous and above all sustainable. This innovative direct communication device will be accessible on Facebook Messenger.

Conversational Experience in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

With this innovation, the Renault group is becoming a medium in its own right, experimenting with an innovative way to tell its story, spark conversation, enrich relationships and reach out to a connected target audience. WATT will also make it possible to address and attract new and younger targets. A forward-looking target that is naturally interested in new forms of mobility: connected, shared, autonomous and above all sustainable. A cosmopolitan and multicultural target since WATT will converse in English with users from all over the world.

WATT is a chatbot conceived up by Groupe Renault in partnership with JAM. It’s chat as in online chat and bot as in robot. This chatbot, also known as a conversational agent, will be installed on Groupe Renault’s Facebook Messenger page and free for anyone to use, be they customers, car fans or just anyone curious to know more about future mobility. All they need to do is sign up.

Groupe Renault thus becomes a bona-fide media outlet by offering an engaging experiment in social interaction based on the power of conversation. WATT will come across as relaxed, educational and fun.

Groupe Renault chose to name this new kind of assistant WATT for two reasons.
First, WATT is there to answer questions (WHAT…?). Also, as the pioneer and expert in electric mobility in Europe, Groupe Renault likes words which echo its commitment to electricity and electrification.

Tomorrow's mobility as a common thread

WATT is a chatbot expert in questions about the future of mobility.

From smart cities to the electrification of the Renault range, and current innovations in the automotive industry, it will provide a window into the sector’s latest trends and news.

To bring the project to life, Groupe Renault chose to work with one of France's most recognized startups for its conversational skills, JAM. The startup has developed its own media chatbot within Facebook Messenger, which brings together a community of 600,000 young people aged 15 to 25 and is considered by Facebook as the reference media chatbot. Like JAM, Groupe Renault believes in the power of conversation and thanks to WATT the group will be more attentive to its community to better imagine the future with it.
In the next session, scheduled for the beginning of July, you’ll be able to take a look at the subject of Light Commercial Vehicles at Groupe Renault.
Renault Mobility Launch

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